Ball marker necklaces for specialty groups

Happy Monday to everyone. We have all kinds of requests for special golf ball markers to reflect certain groups or themes. We are very proud of our latest effort. We are making an AA marker with the triangle symbol surrounded by crystals. It is really quite beautiful and we just love the meaning behind it. So proud of all our AA friends, what a journey to a sober life. Our ball marker necklaces make such great jewelry, the swarovski crystals are a statement themselves. These beautiful necklaces can be worn everywhere, every day. I personally do not where any other jewelry, just loving a little bling around my neck at all times. The girls at the grocery store love it! I forgot to take a picture, but will do that today and send a picture of our newest AA themed ball marker necklace by FayZee. Please feel free to ask us if we can make something special for you.

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