Ball Marker necklaces with beautiful Swarvoski crystals

We had a couple customers come in for the first time today. They have discovered and fallen in love with our PutterFly ball marker necklaces. Most people can not believe that we make them all here, gluing crystal by crystal. The shine and beauty of the Swarvoski crystals amazes everyone who sees them. The very next best thing about our ball marker necklaces is that they make such great gifts. Young and old, all women love them. Once you get the necklace and magnetic fitting, the choices for colors are really endless. We even make special markers for events or to match just about any outfit you can imagine. So, just a thought for Valentines day or any special occasion. As I think of it, maybe you don’t need a special occasion to give the gift of a PutterFly. They will love you for it. See how happy my beautiful grand daughter is, wearing her new pearl in the hole from FayZee!

Pearl In The Hole

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